Kick-Off Virtual Celebration

Celebrating A Journey Of Excellence

Episode #1 • The Soulful Holiday Celebration Winter Concerts (2001 – 2010)

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A multifaceted arts organization focused on empowering the next generation of leaders


Thank you to everyone who UNITY has touched in some way during these 20 seasons of soulful impact. Hundreds of young people have demonstrated dedication to the vision and mission of UNITY. Many of them have taken the foundational statements, principles, and life lessons into their adult lives. Many of them have attended college, some have graduated from college, and several of them are currently experiencing successful careers.
As we celebrate our past successes, let us also remember we all have a part to play to ensure UNITY never dies and is here for many generations to come. As we prepare to meet the challenges of new generations, we will need our former students to reach out and give back. Give back time, finances, resources, talents, and whatever you can bring to ensure success. They Need You!
Happy 20th Season Anniversary to the UNITY Family, and from the bottom of my heart, Thank you!


In each episode, you’ll experience…

Highlights From Your Favorite Concerts Over the Last 20 Years
Compelling Interviews With Alumni & Members
Inspiring Live Performances & Spoken Word


Episode #1 Credits

20th Season Anniversary Kick Off Celebration Team

Executive Producer

Marshall White

Show Producer/Marketing

Justin Sheehan – Crown Jewel Productions

Anniversary Chair

Davyd Jones

Anniversary Kick-Off Planning

Anniversary Kick-Off Planning Coordinator             

Evelyn Frierson

Anniversary Coordinator                                         

Gemma McClendon

Alumni Membership Committee                                            

Pat Johnson-Hunt

Stage Set and Decorations                                       

Veronica Townes

Video Interviews Production/Editing                        

Scott Drummond

Video Interviews Production                                     

Justin Sheehan

Video Interviews Production/Editing                        

Chandler Rang

Video Interviews Editing                                           

Brian Farrell

The Show Video Production Team - Neverends Production

Video Production/Editing                                         

Doug Ferguson

A Camera Operator                                                   

Brett McAllister

A Camera Operator                                                   

Doug Guy

Episode One Participants

Opening Host                                          

Mr. & Mrs. White

Show MC                                                   

Deven Bridges (Mickey Young),

Episode One Interview                    

The Naomi King Family

Episode One Interview                    

Alum, Emily Franks-Shaffer

Episode One Interview                    

Alum, Christian Beasley

Episode One Interview                    

Alum, James Hunt

Episode One Interviews         

ALUM,  Deondra Bender-Marowa

Episode One Interviews         

Rick Farrant, Expression Instructor

Episode One Presentations   

Empowerment Camp Slizzer 2001-2008

 Episode One Presentations  – Spoken Word, Demons

Written and Performed by Deven Bridges     

The First Soulful Holiday Celebration Medley, A Celebration of Unity

December 30, 2001   First Assembly of God Christian Center

Mrs. Shirley Phifer-Smith Mrs. Cynthia White – MCs


Who Is This Child  

Words by Nola Osborn & Marshall White         

Music by Marshall White                                 

Soloist Kathleen Kelly


How Excellent Is Your Name

Written by Sandra Couch

Arranged by Marshall White


Show Someone You Care                                 

Written by Marshall White                            

Soloist, Tyla Wilson


Joy To The World

Arranged by Marshall White

The 3rd Soulful Holiday Celebration Medley, Hosanna

November 30, 2003   First Assembly of God Christian Center

Glenda Griffin – MCs



Written by Kirk Franklin                                   


You Alone

Written by Don Harris

Soloist Chip Clark


Our God Is an Awesome God                        

Special Instrumental Presentation                      

Written and Recorded By Kirk Franklin            

Violinist, Kendall Isadore


The Sanctuary

Written by Kurt Carr

Narrator: Chris White

Only A God Like You

Written by Tommy Walker

Soloist Bob Parent

The 4th Soulful Holiday Celebration Medley, He Reigns

December 5, 2004

First Assembly of God Christian Center

Glenda Griffin- MC


I’ll Open My Mouth/Rockin Jerusalem

Written by Gary Hines

Choral Arr. By Marshall White

Soloists Christian Beasley/Shaneequa Cook


Jesus Is Love                                               

Written By Lionel Richie                                

Soloist Melvin White                                        


Victory Chant

Written by Vogels Joseph William 

Soloist Lucine Woodson


Magnificent and Holy                               

Written By Israel Houghton                         


Heavenly Touch         

Written By Tommy Walker                                                           

Soloists Pat Johnson & Andrew Shade

The 5th Soulful Holiday Celebration Medley, It’s A New Season

January 8, 2006  Blackhawk Ministries

Glenda Griffin- MC


I’ll Praise

Recorded by The Straight Gate Mass Choir

Soloist  Pastor Gary Bush


That’s Why We Praise Him,                        

Written by tommy walker                                           

Soloist Korban Miller   


Genesis, the creation    

Written by Dennis Byrd

Choral arr. Marshall white

Narrator, Soloist Rhonda White



Written By Richard Smallwood                   

Soloist Pat Johnson   


Trading My Sorrows

Written by Israel Houghton 

Soloist Cedric Williams


You Raise Me Up

Written By Rolf Lovland/Brendan Joseph Graham

Choral arr. Marshall white

Soloist  Josh Hawkins


Something Inside Me

Written By Luther Barnes

Soloist  Rev. Melvin White

The 6th Soulful Holiday Celebration Medley, Total Praise

January 7, 2007  Blackhawk Ministries

Melissa Montana – MC





Soloist Niyoki Nero


Dance & Praise

Written By Niyoki Nero

Soloist Niyoki Nero


Total Praise

Written By Richard Smallwood


I Will Always

Written By  McElhone/Spiteri/Hawley


Soloist  Niyoki Nero          


Joshua Fit De Battle

Recorded by The Fisk Jubilee Singer

Choral Arr. By Marshall White 

Soloist  Breau Scott


Let Everything That Hath Breath

Written By Joseph W. II Pace

Recorded By Joe Pace


Agnus Dei

Written By Michael W. Smith / Berny Heinrichs

Recorded By Donnie McClurkin

Soloist Mike Barbour


All The Saints Join In

Written By Tommy Walker

Sololist  GorDon Martin

The 7th Soulful Holiday Celebration Medley, Amazing Love

January 6, 2008 Blackhawk Ministries

Mrs. Deloris McKinley-Eldridge – MC


Days of Elijah

Written By Francis Robert Mark

Recorded By Donnie McClurkin

Soloist Ron Bishop


I Love The Lord

Written By Richard Smallwood

Soloist Pat Johnson


Keep On Praisin

Written By Sparks/West/Warren/Hammond /Donald

Recorded By Fred Hammond

Soloist Ron Bishop


Holy Holy

Written By Richard Smallwood



Written By Richard Smallwood

Soloists  Ron Bishop & Glenda Griffin