What began as a choir has evolved into a multifaceted arts organization focused on empowering the next generation of leaders.


To create a culture that inspires young people to be successful at home, school, work, church and in their community. In order to effectively achieve this, we must concentrate our attention on reaching the student first, by showing them they are important, they count, we care and we believe in them.

However, to gain the attention of a generation of young people who are constantly being pulled in every direction, our programming must go beyond the status quo.

How we do this


Substance-Based Programming

Typical programming usually only offers constant activity that simply occupies attention, but doesn’t build character or develop a well-balanced young person. At UNITY, every environment is intentionally designed to empower, build, and impact youth at a deeper level in their childhood and cause long-term, transformational, positive effects in their lives.

Soulful Art Forms

This is an artistic concept that provides a non-traditional focus in the arts and embraces art forms that inspire expression and emotion, giving the listener a soulful experience that touches the heart and moves the emotions. The soulful art forms expose students to the vast history and significance of the arts in America.

This merging of concepts produces exciting performers who also go on to become successful business people, thinkers, and leaders.



The World Champion Voices of Unity Youth Choir (VOU) is UNITY’s acclaimed Youth Choral Program.


Students will study various styles of writing and given literary foundations for effective expression.


A platform for youth to learn & perform the foundations & basics of mainstream styles of dance.


Students develop their artistic public speaking abilities through expressive speeches & creative storytelling.



Zumbini is a program for children ages 0-4 that gives you and your child a safe place for movement exploration and motor skill development.


Mini Maestro is a 6 week program for kids ages 7-19 that teaches them the basics of piano playing.



To build quality youth, they must be surrounded by quality adults who are mature, encouraging, disciplined, focused examples of excellence.

Every young person has the ability to be great at something.

Every young person has an artistic talent, whether they know it or not. If they open their minds and hearts to coaching, they will discover their truest potential.

Place young people in a positive environment where they feel empowered, special, unique, encouraged, are challenged and given genuine attention, and they will produce incredible results.

Shyness is just a veil that shields a person’s greatness from others.  A child needs to have someone come along in their life to tear down the shield of shyness so their greatness can be seen.

We must start now, building our future leaders for tomorrow.

In most cases, behind a dysfunctional child is a dysfunctional adult—or no positive adults at all.


To change the way society views after-school programming, we must change the language that describes the youth involved and what we do with them.

Traditional Language:

  • Serve youth

  • Underserved, low-income, at risk

  • Target

  • Activity-driven programming

  • Help them

UNITY’s Language:

  • Reach, connect, impact

  • Underexposed

  • Attract by appealing to

  • Substance-based programming

  • Empower them to help themselves


Thank you to everyone who UNITY has touched in some way during these 20 seasons of soulful impact. Hundreds of young people have demonstrated dedication to the vision and mission of UNITY. Many of them have taken the foundational statements, principles, and life lessons into their adult lives. Many of them have attended college, some have graduated from college, and several of them are currently experiencing successful careers.
As we celebrate our past successes, let us also remember we all have a part to play to ensure UNITY never dies and is here for many generations to come. As we prepare to meet the challenges of new generations, we will need our former students to reach out and give back. Give back time, finances, resources, talents, and whatever you can bring to ensure success. They Need You!
Happy 20th Season Anniversary to the UNITY Family, and from the bottom of my heart, Thank you!